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Karavania Of Cancer's Aura Arsenal by vulcanknight
Karavania Of Cancer's Aura Arsenal
Karavania is the Fusion of Galeia Galeia - Remake , Krisian Krisian, Amazon Of Survivor Strength and Kaede Kaede, Master Of Halfmoons, and one of the 13 Limbless Zodiac Heralds… . She is the  representative of Cancer. Also, all of her previous forms are of that sign, and she is a controller of mainly Air Element, though she has some control of Earth and Darkness Element. About her aspect, she haves a best version of Galeia's mask, along with bandages who cover her scarred face, also a upgraded version of Galeia's hammer. She also haves a better version of Krisian's sword, being more long and edged. Also, she is equipped with a pair of magical tentacle arms who ends in upgraded version of Kaede's Lapislazuli Halfmoons, now as a pair of pincers who resembles the Cancer's crab pincers, and wears a more tough version of Krisian's armor. Karavania is a brave and brutal warrior, with some temperament but also a enormous force of will, and a defiant attitude who shows her wish to protects the weak and mantain the order of things, even if sometimes she must show her violent side. Her honest way to live is admirable, and her inner strength, who prevents her from surrender even in the hardest situations. As all the other Zodiac Heralds, she can increase the power of any other Cancer characters around her in any place. She haves a special ability called the "Strong Order Of Altarf", who summons a radiant aura around herself and any other partners, allowing all of them to increase their combat force while fighting any enemy whose defense is stronger than normal, inflicting a big damage to them. That ability is made to prevent the actions of defensive enemies, who can be a problem if any partner is not prepared. Another of her abilities is the "Decree Of Praesepe's Will", who is a magical seal made to negate some abilities in battle, particulary enemies abilities who can inflict sudden death or destroy anything regardless of the attack or defense, rending them useless. Her main attack is the "Cancer's Slayer Arsenal - Aura Supremacy", envolving herself with the aura created by her great elemental force, releasing a destructive field of energy who surrounds a big area, destroying any enemy who fights against her.    

Zodiac Sign: Cancer.
Helnathia Of Taurus' Geo Chains by vulcanknight
Helnathia Of Taurus' Geo Chains
Helnathia is the Fusion of Lushie Lushie, The Inmortal Steward, Rena Rena, Lady Of The Earthquake and Utami Utami, Schoolgirl Of Dark Chains, and one of the 13 Limbless Zodiac Heralds. She is the  representative of Taurus. Also, all of her previous forms are of that sign, and she is a controller of mainly Earth Element, though she has some control of Fire and Darkness Element. About her aspect, she is a beautiful and gorgeous quadruple amputee woman with a very mature aspect (she haves the personality of a maternal woman), equipped with a upgraded version of Rena's earthquake armor, the chains of Utami, now upgraded as four different weapons, who are a curve sword similar to a Kris, a long sword, a hand with claws and a pincer. Also, the armor haves a pair of big things similar to shoulder pads, equipped with a pair of horns who represent her zodiac sign, and releasing a pair of enormous blue flame wings, representing Lushie's Fire Element. She also uses a better version of Utami's stump gloves and boots, controlling two of the four chains she uses as weapons. The Taurus' horns behind her absorb the elemental energy around and allows her to keep her focused and detect any danger around. She is very mature and maternal, and haves a strong sense of love and protection towards others. Her generous love and guidance help others to find the right path in their lifes and fight for their ideals and keeping in their minds the importance of loving their beloved ones. Amongst the Zodiac Heralds, she haves the best defense of all them, being practically impenetrable. As all the other Zodiac Heralds, she can increase the power of any other Taurus characters around her in any place. Also, she haves a special ability called the "Sacred Spirit Of Aldebaran". That ability allows her and anyone around her to battle with their attack forces, while being in a defensive posture. That's a great way of battling with their great might without neglecting their defenses, having a good control of attack and defense at the same time. Another of her abilities is the "Rampage Of The Ancient Horns", who activates at the moment she attacks a target, decreasing that target's attack and defense and attacking at its weak points with ease. Her main attack is the "Taurus' Ultimate Attack - Geo Chains Flare", envolving her four chains with the blue flames of her wings, releasing a devastating attack who attacks enemies multiple times with the high damage done by her four weapons.   

Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
Misthelias of Aries' Cosmic Truth by vulcanknight
Misthelias of Aries' Cosmic Truth
Misthelias is the Fusion of Katrin Katrin, Seeker Of Blind Truth, Malsieu Malsieu, Bearer Of Shining Dust and Fortei <da:thumb id="165302480"> , and one of the 13 Limbless Zodiac Heralds… . She is the  representative of Aries. Also, all of her previous forms are of that sign, and she is a controller of mainly Light Element, though she has some control of Fire and Darkness Element. About her aspect, she haves a best version of Fortei's mask, also wearing Katrin's blindfold and Malsieu's eyepatch on it (covering her face, who has no eyes). An armored thighboot who is a combined version of the boots from those girls, and a magical cane, who combines the  prosthetic cane of Fortei and Katrin's cane, now being a sort of special rod who channelizes and absorbs the elemental energy around to make her constantly full of power. Behind her back she is equipped with a sacred armor in the shape of Aries' head, also lifting a spectral wing made of Malsieu's sacred dust. She is very calmed and conscious, being able to see reality from different aspects, and seeing the truth behind the things. Because of that, she is known as the most quiet and silently amongst the Zodiac Heralds, but also the wisest one amongst them. Thanks to her knowledge, she doesn't often judge things, but looks them with a objective look in order to take the best decission. As all the other Zodiac Heralds, she can increase the power of any other Aries characters around her in any place. Also, she haves an ability called the "Will Of The Golden Fleece", who provides a field of regenerating force around, purifying the impure things or negative energies in any place, or even redeeming the souls of beings who has not achieved the ascension. Another of her abilities is the "Cosmic Truth Of The Ram", who is a disruptive ability to negate the ability of any enemy during a short time. Her main attack is the "Aries Divine Force - Trascendental Judgment", who absorbs a lot of elemental from the cane, expanding the shape of her divine dust wing, shooting a myriad of light beams who inflict a overwhelming damage to any target.   

Zodiac Sign: Aries.
Glaaide Of The Spatial Chain Sword by vulcanknight
Glaaide Of The Spatial Chain Sword
Glaaide is a beautiful and mysterious woman who can control Void Element, and comes from another dimension. She is really a being from the stellar system of the constellation of Chameleon (Chamaeleon), and is from a race of humanoids with an advanced technology and spirituality. She was sent as a protector of the Earth, due to her affinity with the mankind, and her wish to help it in its evolution search. She uses a special technology who makes her to look like a human, liking a lot to have the aspect of a brown-skinned woman. Also, she is always floating in a special throne with a chain who ends in her "Spatial Sword Of Chamaeleon's Constellation". That sword can gather the power of the 13 Zodiac Signs on it in order to release her main abilities. The loss of her arms above the elbow and her left leg above the knee was due to a conflict between her race and a race of invader beings from other space, who acts as a sort of planet conquerors. That loss made her to improve her potential and awaken her inner strength. Now, she is from a elite of spatial warriors, same as Elisha Elisha, Ascended Guardian Of The Earth, in order to protect not only the Earth, but another planets against the cruelty of invader races. Her attack force is decent, but her defense is awesome, making her highly resistant to almost any attack. The power of Void Element is always flowing through her body, creating a space of calm and serenity whenever she moves. She haves a unique ability called the  "Spatial Countdown Of Final Void". That is a special ability who once she activates it, a countdown of three indicators begins to run, during a interval of 30 minutes each one, summoning a elemental sphere around her. When the 3 spheres are finally gathered, a gigantic vortex expands, swallowing all things around, except Glaaide, leaving only nothing in the place she is. That ability is only used in very decisive moments, and she prefers not to do that, because of its highly destructive power. Her main attack is the "Sword of Void - Chamaeleon's Justice", who do a piercing strike with her sword even from a far distance, even without moving from the place she is attacking.   

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
Merelisse, Cyber Swordswoman Of The Glacier by vulcanknight
Merelisse, Cyber Swordswoman Of The Glacier
One of the most talented and admirable Ice Element users amongst my Amputee characters. Merelisse is a brave woman who has survived a lot of battles, and her scarred body is a proof of her strong character and force of will. She is 28 years old, but has fought since her 10 years old, in order to bring balance to the chaotic and hostile world she had to face many times. After the invassion of her hometown by a merciless attack of monsters summoned by a evil magician, she decided that the combat would be her way of life. During her growth and the myriad of fights she had, her body shape changed a lot, being now a woman without her left arm, a hemicorporectomy, the loss of her left eye and a lot of scars in her body. Thanks to the modern technology of a company specialized in advanced technology, she obtained a special battle equipment. The normal aspect of that equipment is that of a powerchair, but, when she enters directly into any battle, she can transform the powerchair into a heavy and brutal battle armor. That armor mainly consists of a base who carries her body, a group of wheels, two edged legs similar to the legs of a spider, a enormous claw with edged fingers and a tentacle-shaped arm who ends in a golden edged pincer, and finally, a heavy and enormous sword called the "Glacier Sword Of The Guilt Ones". Her movement is slow, but her attacks inflict blunt damage to her enemies. Using her inner power of Ice Element, she can activate a special ability called the "Crusher Cold Of The Glacier's Spirits". This ability summons a sort of magical field in a circular area who nullfies the abilities of anyone around or near her, leaving them unable to use their special abilities during a short time, depending only of their normal attack forces. With that power, many of her enemies run in despair of her might. Her main attack is the "Divine Snow Mega Slash", absorbing Ice Element energy into the sword, then releasing a big cold slash with a destructive force.   

Zodiac Sign: Aries.
  • Listening to: OST&#039;s, Anime Music, Rock, Pop, JPop, Electro
  • Reading: Naruto Shippuden manga
  • Watching: Yugioh Arc-V, Chuunibyou Koi Ga Demo Shitai
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Hello to everyone.

Well well...... because of the very "explotation" at my work, I'm practically living right now at my work, it has been very difficult to try to upload the artworks I planned to post the previous month. Working almost all days from the morning to the night is very very exhausting, making very complicated to post the new characters.

Sorry to the deviant who asked me to do the comission, it will take a little more time, I will try to upload soon more artworks.

Thanks to all the people who is always looking at my artwork, I'm very grateful for that, and......... call centers are truly a hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Current Residence: Medellin, Colombia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L , XL
Print preference: open
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop and Jpop.
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: windows xp
Wallpaper of choice: sister princess, mahou sensei negima
Favourite cartoon character: Dita Liebely, Saber, Saya Otonashi, Dark Magician Girl, Misao, Sora Takenouchi, Izumi Orimoto, Sango
Personal Quote: Just live your life and let the others live their life in peace.

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