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Lexna Of The White Spear by vulcanknight
Lexna Of The White Spear
A special warrior lady who fights as a lancer and a representative of justice and righteousness, in a country who is reigned by a monarchy. When she was 10 years old, her town was attacked and most people died, leaving her no other option but to run away. Unfortunately, a shotgun bullet blown away her left arm completely. She fall unconscious but was rescued by a special elite of soldiers, who trained her during the following years, transforming her into a great fighter with good abilities. Thanks to a special ritual, she gained the control of both Light and Darkness Elements, and can absorb energy from both elements in her spear, called the "White Spear Of Dual Current". Now, she is the commander of a squadron of warriors, and fights doing fast movements and swift attacks with her spear. Not only has the power of "Channelize" herself with other beings to become stronger, but also control the forces of healing and pain. Using her "White Spear Blessing - Aurora", she can absorb the power of Light Element from the environment or Light users to bring a strong healing wave around. She can also use the "White Spear Punishment - Penumbra", who absorbs Darkness Element from the environment or Darkness users to release a sort of black flame who inflicts damage to the foes. Using the "White Spear Duality - Meridie", she can use the power of both elements to create a sort of good luck aura during a short time. Her main attack is the "White Spear Force - Phalanx" in which she launches the spear using both Elements to pierce any target.            

Zodiac Sign: Piscis.
Boots Series #2 by vulcanknight
Boots Series #2
A second group of magical boots equipment. More to come soon.

1.) BOOTS OF ELEMENTAL IMPACT: Those boots were created by the Wandjinas in ancient times, but the design of them was improved thanks to the best shoemakers of the Bootsmaiden Academy, and were replicated in big amounts. Those boots are unisex, and fitted with special runes who allows them to absorb elemental energy from the surroundings easily. Also, they're addapted to almost any ground and place, granting the user with a different skill, depending of the natural element of the user. If the user haves affinity with Water, Fire, Earth or Air elements, those boots makes it to inflict elemental damage from a decent distance to any target. If the user haves affinity with Metal, Thunder, Wood and Ice elements, the user can send a sort of jamming wave to confuse the foes. If the user haves affinity with Light, Darkness, Void or Poison elements, the user can disrupt the use of enemies' skills during a short time. And finally, is the user haves affinity with Ether Element, those boots allows the user to self-recover gradually of its own wounds.

2.) BOOTS OF NATURAL CONNECTION: Those boots were found some years ago in a indian community, blessed with the power of nature and ancient spirits, but their design was improved by the academy of Bootsmaidens. Now, the style of those boots looks more modern and are unisex, although they looks better in a woman. This pair of boots grants the user with a decent attack force and allows it to synchronize with nature, allowing it to addapt to any environment and increase the own attack force further, thanks to that natural affinity. If those boots are destroyed while being used, they can release a curse who can do a sort of instant death spell to any target, defeating it instantly.

3.) BOOTS OF TORNADO DANCE: A stylish and beautiful pair of plain knee-high boots blessed by a community of Air Element users and replicated in very high amounts to the public use by the academy of Bootsmaidens. The user of those boots gains the affinity of Air Element, and an almost useless attack force gain. In contrast with that, the boots allows the user to swap its own attack and defense force during a short time. With that skill, those boots becomes very useful while the owner haves more defense that attack. Also, if the owner is battling alone without any support, the boots allow it to inflict a lot of extra damage with a single kick.

4.) BOOTS OF MACABRE AURA: A very detailed pair of knee-high boots who were created by a young demoness who is an expert on the creation of boots. Thanks to the academy of Bootsmaidens, those boots were replicated, and are replicated in high amounts due to their useful skills. With that boots, the user gains a little attack and defense, affinity to Darkness Element, and haves a good probability to withstand attacks, even dangerous ones. The special macabre aura those boots gives to the user expands in the shape of a enormous invisible circle of energy, creating a special field. While that field is active, any abilities casted by the foes who allows them to send things to another dimensions or to create spatial gates becomes disabled, unable to do most things with those sort of skills.

5.) BOOTS OF ENERGY IMPULSE: A pair of special boots who are very good to physical combat and are very comfy. Made of a thick material and a lot of different secondary materials, those boots give the user a very comfortable feeling and are very light to use, despite their detailed aspect. The user of those boots gains decent attack force and affinity with Earth Element. Also, the user gains "Firmness" (it becomes unnafected by abilities who disrupts the attack and defense of its movements or positions). Thanks to the power stored in this awesome boots, the user can tremendously boost its own attack force during a short time, absorbing the power of earth and transforming it into a very dinamic power and inflicting deadly kicks who can open enormous holes in the ground anlearth to tremble sometimes.

6.) BOOTS OF THE MOTIONLESS PRESENCE: A beautiful pair of blue with purple boots, detailed with a pair of yellow belts with impressed magical runes on them, and originally from a civilization of the Ice Element reigns. Thanks to the influence of the academy of Bootsmaidens, those boots were replicated, being a useful option when fighting a reckless enemy who is hard to defeat. The user gains a normal amount of attack force and the affinity with Ice Element. Also, the brutal cold storaged in those boots allows the user to release a frozen wind who slows the foes' movements and makes it clumsy to battle. The most possitive thing about those boots is that if the user becomes injured or touched by the enemy while wearing them, the enemy gains a temporal curse who freezes most of their bodies, disabling them to attack until the curse is vanished.
Boots Series #1 by vulcanknight
Boots Series #1
This is some of the magical boots who exists in different dimensions, in the actual world or other realities.

1.) LIGHTNING HALO BOOTS: A special pair of boots created in a incident in which those boots absorbed the energy of a Thunder Kami. The spirit of the Kami was sealed inside the boots, giving to them a pair of divine halos who can absorb thunder. A person who uses that boots loses a lot of their attack and defense power, becoming very weak and susceptible to receiving huge damage. In contrast to that weakness, this pair of boots can use the power of the Thunder Kami, called the "Devastation Discharge Of The Thunder Kami", who enables the user to destroy almost anything with a powerful electric discharge. Also, the pair of boots enables the user to withstand the pain more than normal, even ignoring any sensation of pain.

2.) BOOTS OF THE INFLUENCE STEPS: A beautiful pair of cream with green color plain boots made of leather and blessed by a order of monks. Those boots haves a tough leather and good magical properties. Anyone who wears them gains decent attack and defense force, and gains the ability of "Freightening". With that ability, the creature can intimidate a foe by releasing a special aura who makes the foe to fall in fear, being unable to attack during a short time. Also, that boots brings good luck to the user.

3.) BOOTS MADE FOR A SWEET GIRL: A pair of adorable brown leather boots created by a mysterious goddess of love centuries ago. After being found by one of the most oldest members of the Bootsmaidens academy, replicas of those boots were make in enormous amounts. Those boots are not made for offensive combat, and only grants a little defense amount to the user. The special power inside this pair of boots makes the user to self-recover from battle wounds, pain and damage in general, activating the healing ability each time a magical ability around is activated. Also, the user can "Self-Destruct" itself to defeat a foe who cannot withstand this ability, but almost 90 % of the people who wears those boots never uses that ability.

4.) BOOTS OF SHARK BITE: A brutal pair of knee-high heeled boots originally being from a female princess of the seas, but who was reproduced in big amounts of replicas by the academy of Bootsmaidens. Imbued with the power of Water Element, those boots can make the user gains the affinity with that element, and controls the power of water. Also, the attack force of the user is greatly increased, being able to do powerful kicks of water, launching a sort of Water Shark silhouettes with them, dealing a lot of damage to the target. If the user dies or enters into a state of K.O, or that boots are destroyed while being used, that boots haves a curse who confuses the mind of the damage source and makes them to lose control during a short time.

5.) BOOTS OF OMEGA BOOST: A pair of unisex boots who haves a detailed and innovative design, and are specially made for those who loves to run very fast or to feel the adrenaline running into their bodies while fighting. The source of those boots is unknown, but are believed to being originally from a divinity of the air. Those boots are actually replicated thanks to the academy of the Bootsmaidens to the world, but are expensive because of the difficulty to make a replica and their complications to use. The user of those boots gains tremendous attack force and a little defense, being able to break bones, metal, rocks and other hard things, and a inmunity to some things in battles, but going tired very soon after battling. Also, accumulating the enough amount of power, this pair of boots allows the user to use the "Omega Boost Tornado" ability, who release a crazy vortex of air who can be deadly and uncontrolled. That is most of a double-edged power, but who is helpful sometimes, specially when the owner haves advantage in combat. Because of all those complications, only the bravest loves to wear this pair of boots.

6.) PHANTOM BOOTS: A pair of boots who were founded by an explorer floating in the air, in a mysterious graveyard believed to be used to bury dead fairies centuries ago, while exploring unknown lands. Those boots were finally owned by the academy of Bootsmaidens and replicated in low amounts, because they're very dangerous and can inclinate the scales in a crucial moment in battles, being unfair. Those boots grants a little attack and defense, and allows the user to control Void Element. When that boots are weared, the physical body of the owner becomes that of a Phantom, sometimes invisible and sometimes unharmed by physical damage. Because of this special power, anyone who uses them can move without being noticed and can avoid a lot of things who can harm it. The problem is that a evil person can use them to do very cruel things without leaving a trace. To balance things, that boots makes the user to be tired very soon, and absorbs the vitality slowly. Because of that, the use of this boots is leaved to the responsability of the user, and are a little expensive.
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Hello to everyone.

Well well...... because of the very "explotation" at my work, I'm practically living right now at my work, it has been very difficult to try to upload the artworks I planned to post the previous month. Working almost all days from the morning to the night is very very exhausting, making very complicated to post the new characters.

Sorry to the deviant who asked me to do the comission, it will take a little more time, I will try to upload soon more artworks.

Thanks to all the people who is always looking at my artwork, I'm very grateful for that, and......... call centers are truly a hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Personal Quote: Just live your life and let the others live their life in peace.

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