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Fenice - Remake by vulcanknight
Fenice - Remake
The remake version of Fenice… . In this version, I improved the design of the armor, body and sword. Also, I removed the shield, because of the complicated that would be handling a sword and a shield while crutching with only one leg. This is her story:

Fenice is a disciplined and loyal warrior lady who is reckoned as one of the main knights in a grand city with a castle as the main government place. She has trained a lot during many years to have the skills she have to fight, specially after the lost of her left leg above the knee in a war who almost destroyed the city. She was able to stop the last invaders, but her leg was seriously injured, resulting in the amputation of it. She didn't lost her will to fight, and accepted her new condition as a way to become stronger and fight for her ideals of truth and justice. Since she was a child, she was trained by an ancient swordsmain who was once a hero of a foreign country, and taught her in the way of the "Slash Of Truth", who is a old style of combat who was lost in time after most of its practitioners died. The word "Truth" is carved in runic in her sword, and is able to unveil the true aspect of most beings or creatures, and to cut many things or beings with the power of her blade and ability. Using that power, she can reveal the true identity of many ones and to do a definitive attack who can defeat almost anything, if she uses the enough
amount of power for that. The ability to reveal the identity of someone is called the "Slash Of Truth - Unveiled Alter Ego", and the ability to do a finishing slash is called the "Slash Of Truth - Final Sword". Her main attack is the "Slash Of Truth - Justice Blade", in which the runes of the sword begin to shine, then a slash of energy is released into any target. She haves a perseverant spirit and a self- confidence who cannot be easily broken.    

Zodiac Sign: Cancer.
Tamiko - Remake by vulcanknight
Tamiko - Remake
The remake of Tamiko… . Although she looks beautiful in the previous artwork, I made her now as a triple-arm amputee, using a hook in her left arm, and a pair of cybernetic legs. Now as a cyborg, she looks even more stunning. This is her story:

A beautiful and powerful warrior lady who lost both legs completely, having a double hemipelvectomy and her left arm below the elbow after being struck by a thunderbolt after trying to defeat a evil magician who controlled Thunder Element. She managed to survive, and by a mysterious reason, her body absorbed some of that electric power, but only a little amount of energy. Decided to become stronger and to take revenge, she trained everyday with determination and constancy, increasing her electric powers. Because of her difficulty to move around, she was equipped with a modern pair of cybernetic legs, and was gifted with a special Glove able to channelize the powers of Thunder Element easily. Now, she is a new warrior who fights in order to bring justice and punish the evildoers whenever she goes, and is part of a new clan of amputee ladies called the "Limbless Voltic Ladies", who is a group of 13 amputee women with different zodiac signs and who control Thunder Element. She is the representative of Aquarius amongst them, and the most idealist and lover of battles. She haves a special ability called the "Voltic Manifestation - Sky Revolution", who absorbs energy from the environment and transforms it into electricity, increasing her attack force during a limit of time, allowing her to defeat enemies who are normally stronger than herself. Her main attack is the "Voltic Manifestation - Super Destructive Fist", who releases a punch charged with electricity in front of her, releasing a devastating energy discharge.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.
Noriko - Remake by vulcanknight
Noriko - Remake
The remake version of Noriko… . In this version, I corrected her body shape, who looked very strange and her head very big. Also, the mask looks slightly better and the blue and white boots makes her to look more attractive. A new detail is the reiki symbols on her left leg, and the magical reiki circles she can summon to use her healing powers.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
Girian - Remake by vulcanknight
Girian - Remake
The remake of Girian… . I better decided to leave her as a triple-arm amputee girl, with DBK stumps and a RBE stump, and using a pair of magical boots with wings, who helps her to fly in the air. Also, she will become part of a special clan of Air Element users called the "Stormbringers", and is the Libra member amongst them.

In this new shape, she is really of a congenital amputee instead of an adquired amputee.

Zodiac Sign: Libra.
Levianis - Remake by vulcanknight
Levianis - Remake
The remake version of Levianis… . In this version, although she has almost the same details, some errors in her physical shape were corrected. This is her story:

Levianis is a beautiful and young lady who is skilled in the channeling of energy, for different purposes. Being raised in a talented family of sorcerers made her a great sorcerer since her childhood, and assisting to hidden magic congregations in different places of her country. Her ability to absorb energy is so strong that when she was only a child, sometimes that power went out of control, specially in a mystical ceremony in which a lot of people expert in the occult world came to see her talents. That day, her inner power became so high that her body couldn't handle all those power, releasing a explosion who damaged the place and leaving her with a lot of injuries. She survived, but lost completely her left arm even with the shulder, her right arm below the elbow, and her right leg above the knee. She decided to train harder in order to take complete control of her powers and surpass the potential of her familiars. Although she got used quickly to her new condition and normally was
all the day on a normal wheelchair moving herself with her remaining leg, she was really happy to be alive and even accepted her new physical condition with a very possitive attitude. At her 17 years old, she was granted with a hook and a peg-leg prosthetics who ables her to take a better control of her own powers. Now, as a controller of Thunder Element, she can use the "Agglomeration Of Force - Dominion Elemental", who allows her to absorb agglomerations of elemental energy on any place, increasing her own power a lot. Also, that accumulation of energy helps her to withstand attacks and reflect damage to any attacker one who tries to damage her. That ability is called the "Agglomeration of Protection - Runic Guardian". If she accumulates the enough amount of power, she can become ridiculously powerful or almost unstoppable. To prevent herself from being injured by her own power, she releases it completely when she likes, creating a destructive wave of energy around
her called the "Agglomeration Of Ruin - Destructive Dragon", who can eradicate things who are close to her with ease, in a big radius. Her main attack is the "Agglomeration Of Courage - Sparkling Eidolon", in which she summons a lot of little Thunder Element orbs around her, then release a lot of thunder beams to the target.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini ascending Libra.
  • Listening to: OST's, Anime Music, Rock, Pop, JPop, Electro
  • Reading: Naruto Shippuden manga
  • Watching: Yugioh Arc-V, Chuunibyou Koi Ga Demo Shitai
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  • Eating: Almost Anything!!!!
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Hello to everyone.

Well well...... because of the very "explotation" at my work, I'm practically living right now at my work, it has been very difficult to try to upload the artworks I planned to post the previous month. Working almost all days from the morning to the night is very very exhausting, making very complicated to post the new characters.

Sorry to the deviant who asked me to do the comission, it will take a little more time, I will try to upload soon more artworks.

Thanks to all the people who is always looking at my artwork, I'm very grateful for that, and......... call centers are truly a hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Current Residence: Medellin, Colombia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L , XL
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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop and Jpop.
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: windows xp
Wallpaper of choice: sister princess, mahou sensei negima
Favourite cartoon character: Dita Liebely, Saber, Saya Otonashi, Dark Magician Girl, Misao, Sora Takenouchi, Izumi Orimoto, Sango
Personal Quote: Just live your life and let the others live their life in peace.

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