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Mesnerea, Clairvoyant Of Mysterious Weapons by vulcanknight
Mesnerea, Clairvoyant Of Mysterious Weapons
Mesnerea is a very talented and mysterious clairvoyant and psychic who controls Fire Element and haves a enormous level of knowledge and
understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Almost no one knows where she is from and what are her true intentions, but the real thing is that despite her cold, serious and hermetic personality, she is a very kind person who wants not only to help others, but to take the best decissions in order to prevent others to suffer the things she suffered in the past. Originally, she was a innocent child full of beauty and life, from a small village in the country of Kalitei, who is a small island who, despite of its fauna, flora and culture, has passed through some conflicts and problems. The war reached her town and reduced all to ashes. Being left alone, she wandered until she was found by a mysterious sorcerer from other place, who raised her and taught her how to awake her powers. In order to fight against the enemy army, she trained herself in both physical and magical combat tactics, but in each battle she lost a part of herself. In four battles, she lost all her four limbs, her left eye, and was left with a lot of scars in her body. After being reduced to this shape, she decided that she would transform all that pain into strength and to resolve enough to be someday a very powerful psychic. She became very talented with training and time, being able to see the future and to teach others her knowledge, creating a secret society of magicians. After the war ended, she became famous in her country, although she prefers to be reserved almost all the time. She is pretty beautiful behind the mask, but she prefers the mysterious look the mask and eyepatch gives to her. Her powerchair is equipped with four magical weapons created specifically for her, who are a magical sword, a saber, a cybernetic pincer and a claw. With those weapons, she can defend herself pretty well and defeat enemies if she must involve into a battle. An ability called the "Fire Premonition - Phantom Teleport" allows her to teleport and appear whenever she wants, it the place is not very far or is a place she visited before. Other of her abilities is the . Another ability is the "Fire Premonition - Destiny Embrace", in which she increases her luck and magical force when it becomes target of an attack. Another of her abilities is the "Fire Premonition - Healing Wisdom", who makes her able to do healing spells and to prevent some enemy abilities to affect anyone of her team. Her main attack is the "Fire Premonition - The Four Weapons Of Will", in which she charges all of her four weapons with Fire Element, then teleports in front of her enemies and attacks them with multiple and fast attacks with those weapons.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
Silveike, Priestess Of Dark Vanity Boots by vulcanknight
Silveike, Priestess Of Dark Vanity Boots
Silveike is a very beautiful priestess who controls Darkness Element and who has a precious and very well shaped body, even if she is a triple amputee. She lost her complete right arm, her left arm above the elbow, her complete right leg and her right eye after being attacked by a dangerous monster when she was attending the shrine, along with various of her fellows, due to the evil attack of a sorcerer who wanted to kill all the priestesses to absorb some important sources of magical energy in that shrine. Fortunately, a group of warriors who crossed near to the shrine managed to slay all the monsters and stop the actions of the sorcerer. She survived, but lost three of her limbs. Despite the loss, she determined herself to continue on the task as a priestess, and even more than before, now that she haves all those scars. In some way, she is proud of being a survivor and a true warrior of life. Thanks to a constant magical training, she gained a decent combat force, and skilled talents of magic. Since always, she was a passionate boots lover, and now that she only moves in a special powerchair made to control her powers with more ease, she decided to put most of her power in her boots. Now that she can only wear the left boot, the right boot is equipped to the wheelchair through a sort of cybernetic arm. One of her abilities is the "Dark Vanity Boots - The Dusk Summon", in which she casts a magical circle in front of her with the fragance of her boots, in order to summon an ally to fight. Although that ally loses its attack and defense power, she absorbs half of all that power, becoming very strong during the battle. Another of her abilities is the "Dark Vanity Boots - Chaos Blessing", in which she summons a wave of luck around the battlefield and releases a powerful curse who can cause instant death to anyone who is touched by it. Her main attack is the "Dark Vanity Boots - Avenger Spirit" in which she releases the sweet and strong fragance of her boots, then summons a group of Darkness Element spirits who attacks enemies, even from a far distance.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
Baldana, Messenger Of Terra Wings by vulcanknight
Baldana, Messenger Of Terra Wings
Baldana is known as one of the "Amputee Messengers", and a very beautiful and young girl with the power of flight. She was born without her complete left arm and her right leg above the knee, but since her childhood she showed herself as a pretty active and positive girl with the will to know a lot about many things. She is very clever and smart, and knows how to achieve the heart of people, and haves an almost magical sense to talk to everyone. Living in the country of Skonvere, in which a lot of flying creatures lives, and cities in the clouds are seen everywhere. She lives in a tower along with the other Amputee Messengers, such as Lixea… and Nerima… , and her main task is to deliver important messages to other places, even to other countries. In order to fly, she is equipped with a special armor made with Earth Element, who are mainly a protection on her left side and as a peg-leg. That protection on her left side has a magical wing attached to it. Also, she has the same attachment on her glove and thigh boot. With the help of those wings, she can fly at high speeds and absorb elemental power, if she feels in danger and needs to battle. One of her abilities is the "Terra Dash Of The Winged Messenger", in which she moves extremely fast and attack any enemy without being noticed, except when the damage is inflicted. Also, with her "Terra Absorption Of The Winged Messenger", she increases her own attack and defense stats depending of the elemental energy around her. If she needs to help any partner in battle, she can grants her with an ability called "Terra Adaptation Of The Winged Messenger", who makes them able to decrease their increased stats and to prevent some enemy actions to affect them. Her main attack is the "Terra Fist Of The Winged Messenger", in which she uses her elemental power to create a magical arm of energy in her left side, then moves at a very high speed and strikes an enemy with the energy fist.

Zodiac Sign: Libra.
Lineida, Analytic Sister Of Linalan by vulcanknight
Lineida, Analytic Sister Of Linalan
Lineida Ashcroft is one of the sisters of Linalan… , and one of the oldest ones (being the fourth of them in ages old), and known as the "Analytic and Intellectual" of them. She is 20 years old, and a very prominent university student with high IQ, able to use her great intellect to many things. As the Aquarian amongst the sisters, she is very independant, but also very friendly, and cares a lot by the others sisters, even if that sometimes can bring problems to her. Her cheerful and positive personality helped her in the harsh situations, even when she lost her left leg below the knee at her 14 years old after a heavy thing crushed her leg when she was walking on the streets after walking from the school to her house. She adapted very well to her actual condition, and normally prefers to walk with a single crutch instead of using a prosthetic leg (although she haves a pair of peg-legs, a c-leg and even a blade runner in her room). When she lost her legs, her powers were awakened due to the "Seal Of Manastialis", being able to control Darkness Element and to gain affinity with the magical scriptures and symbols. Curiously, even if she was once the most skeptical of them, she decided to know more about the world of esotherysm and magic, and now, she balances her rational and intellectual knowledge with the knowledge about magic and hidden things. Now, she uses her strength and knowledge as a really helpful force who serves a lot to her sisters and family. Usually, when she needs to use one of her abilities, she can summon the "Ashcroft's Book Of Spells", who is a magical item specially made for her, full with enchantments and rituals. About her abilities, she is known also as the "Protector" amongst the sisters because of an ability called the "Magical Shield Of The Ashcroft Family", in which she casts a spell who summons a big magical field of energy who protects herself and her sisters from any deadly spell or ability who can harm them. If she becomes wounded in any moment and must go out of the battlefield, she can activate a special ability who is hidden in some symbols in her left stump, normally covered with a sort of little boot and belts, called the "Hidden Index Of The Ashcroft Family", in which her left leg stump shines and the book opens, then a stream of magical symbols surrounds her, summoning any member of the family or searching for an ability who can serve of help when needed. Her main attack is the "Spiritual Boot Of The Ashcroft Family", in which she absorbs magical energy in her boot, then a pair of spiritual limbs in the shape of a big arm with claws and a big leg with the shape of a boot attacks any enemy, even from a far distance. She haves a good relationship with Linalan, although she can surpass her in terms of intelligence and rather have a sort of rivalty with her, but she really respects Linalan because of her enormous battle experience and force of will. Her dream is to become a teacher someday, and share her knowledge with the world.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.
Zubilum - Remake by vulcanknight
Zubilum - Remake
The remake version of Zubilum… . In this version, she looks really better, and more sexy. Also, I did her left arm now with a stump instead of a congenital arm. This is her story:

Similar to Pilika, Zubilum is a magician lady from the country of Oltanirge, in which the use of magic is everyday, and the amount of magical sources are in almost all the places. She is part of a occultist group of amputee ladies called "The Fortunetellers", and is a very good clairvoyant.
She was born with phocomelia on her right hand, and without her left hand. Also, she has heterochromia in both eyes, but her right eye, who is more clearer than the right, allows her to see things that normal persons cannot see. Thanks to that, she can see entities, dimensional portals, seals, curses and a lot of things that a single person could become crazy of simply seeing them. She is very known for being very serious and dedicated to her job, but she haves a kind spirit who cares for others and helps, even without needing something in exchange to do. Also, in order to have a better control of her abilities, she decided to tattoo a lot of symbols in her body, specially in her beautiful bald head, as a way to synchronize her powers in a better way, and as a sort of protection. She controls Darkness Element, but uses it for good actions. Normally, she is always around with the "Arcane Crystal Ball", who is a magical artifact who helps her not only to have better visions of the future, but also to protect herself from the damage from other beings. One of her abilities is the "Fortunetelling Arcane - Illusion Spirit", in which she summons a spirit from the orb to protect herself from some enemy abilities who can harm her. Another of her abilities is the "Fortunetelling Arcane - Dark Distortion", in which she uses a lot of her magical energy to release a weakening spell who affects any target with pain and tiredness, making them to be heavily weakened, losing their ability to battle and to protect themselves. That ability is very useful, but cannot be used very often, because that weakens her a lot. Her main attack is the "Fortunetelling Arcana - Spiritual Wave", who absorbs a lot of spiritual energy from the
environment, then releases a magical stream in which various spirits attacks the enemy in successive attacks.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
  • Listening to: OST's, Anime Music, Rock, Pop, JPop, Electro
  • Reading: Yugioh Arc-V Manga
  • Watching: Yugioh Arc-V, Digimon Adventure Tri
  • Playing: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST, Touhou songs
  • Eating: Bean soup with rice and meat
  • Drinking: Brownie with milk
Hello everyone!!!

After a week of comissions made to some Deviants, I will submit new works soon about my universe of characters, as usual. I will bring a lot of new characters and concepts related to amputee women, or disabled women, although I will also upload some different characters than usual.

About the new characters I will bring ideas such as:

* More arts with backgrounds.
* More remakes of old characters (in order to improve their designs).
* Karisa's evolution line.
* Milly's final evolution.
* Evolution lines of many of my other characters, new and old.
* The "Limbless Policewoman" series, and a lot of new clans of amputee women.
* More of the "Limbless Schoolgirl" and "Limbless Model" series.
* More "Beauty On Wheels" characters (paraplegic, quadriplegic or paralyzed characters).
* The 13 sisters of Linalan.
* More Linalan's parallel versions.
* Amputee versions of female characters from various animes.

And more.


Current Residence: Medellin, Colombia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L , XL
Print preference: open
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Pop and Jpop.
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: windows xp
Wallpaper of choice: sister princess, mahou sensei negima
Favourite cartoon character: Dita Liebely, Saber, Saya Otonashi, Dark Magician Girl, Misao, Sora Takenouchi, Izumi Orimoto, Sango
Personal Quote: Just live your life and let the others live their life in peace.

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